At the heart of its actions, Muses & A.R.T. organizes donation and sponsorship campaigns for the preservation of painted heritage in danger.

Object of the association :

” The object of the association is the safeguarding of endangered painted works of public and historical interest. After restoration, these works must be exhibited in an environment that makes them visible to the public. Are concerned only painted works requiring conservation and restoration that the owners cannot finance.
Whatever the restored works are, the association is based on secular values and a cultural openness to all audiences.
For this, the association is looking for funds to finance conservation and restoration of selected works and ensures that donors carry the same values as theirs. The association, to achieve its object, acquires all the legal, logistical, technical and administrative means and develops strong partnership relations with public institutions and others associative and cooperative partners. “

Our Means of Action for the Preservation of Heritage

In order to carry out the Object of the association, we, Muses & A.R.T, let us devote a large part of our actions to the search for funds in order to finance the conservation-restoration work of the selected artworks and all the costs essential to their care. In particular, we organize crowdfunding and sponsorship campaigns, and collect dues from our members and donations that also support the association.
The time devoted to the preservation of works of art, the hours devoted to conservation-restoration work and communication operations are voluntary.

association conservation restauration sauvegarde œuvres peintes d'art patrimoine en péril muses et art

The donations collected are thus used to finance all the costs inherent in the management of the work : the costs of equipment and conservation-restoration products, the costs of communication on the work, the costs of insurance and storage, but also the costs of travel, the costs of printing files, photos of the works, the organization of events around the work…

Our preservation actions in detail

When the association Muses & A.R.T is solicited for a deteriorated work, it collects from its owner, natural or legal person, information concerning the nature of the goods (oil on canvas, on wood, polychrome object …). The association examines the context of the request and makes an initial assessment of the state of the alterations to assess the need for conservatory care.

Following this first analysis, if the owner is not able to finance work that allows the survival of the artwork, the Scientific Committee of the association meets and examines the request for care. This committee brings together people who are sensitive to painting and cultural issues, art experts and historians, heritage conservation specialists and conservators.

If the conditions for eligibility of the work are met, the Association Muses and A.R.T. retains the request to take charge of the work and initiates a search for funds for its financing.

Exemple de lacunes de couche picturale - Collection Particulière ©Muses & A.R.T.

When the funds are collected, it entrusts the work to restorers who carry out conservation operations as a priority to stop the evolution of alterations.

If the fundraising is sufficient, restoration work can also be undertaken. 

Membership dues, individual donations and patronage allow the selected works to be covered : transport, restoration equipment, conservation work, search for funding for these works. Finally, they make possible the events and the functioning of the association.

Through these actions, in addition to taking charge of works in danger, we, Muses & A.R.T, wish to make as many people as possible aware of the issues of preservation of cultural goods and to allow a better knowledge of our regional heritage.